WARNING: Every customer who purchases service through our website is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our service agreement below, without any further notice!

This contract;


1) Parties

This User Agreement (“Agreement”);

It has been concluded between the user (“User”) who will choose and benefit from the road passenger transportation services offered on the website of AirwayTransfer with the address<“”> (“Website”).

1.1-The service provider will be referred to as "Agent".

1.2- The person whose name and surname is specified in the reservation and/or the persons he/she represents will be referred to as "Consumer".

Consumer; As a customer, it is the person who receives service through the site. The address and contact information used while receiving the service are taken as a basis. Purchasing services with incorrect or erroneous information is the sole responsibility of the Consumer. The Consumer is responsible for changing this information with or without permission by another person or persons. . All articles specified in the " User Agreement" must be carefully read and followed.


2) Subject



3- Subject and Duration of the Agreement

Subject: It consists of the type of service, the number of people who will receive the service, the place, the time, the sales price, the payment method, and the information at the time the reservation is terminated. The Consumer is responsible for the correct selection and provision of this information.

Duration: This contract; If the reservation in question is approved by the Agency and no conflict occurs, the service received by the Consumer ends automatically. In the event of a dispute, this contractual relationship will be valid until the final resolution of the dispute.


4- Payment and Billing Information

For the requests that will occur under 72 hours of the specified vehicles, it is necessary to get pre-approval by contacting us.

5- Cancellation and Change

6- General provisions


  1. Enforcement



1- Terms and Conditions of Use

1.1. Those who make a reservation from this site are deemed to have accepted the general terms and rules.

Our company reserves the right to make changes in the transfer prices published on our website.

1.2. Agreements and campaign conditions with contracted companies will be valid. Airwaytransfer is obliged to ensure that the vehicles reach the service places at the promised time to the Passenger.

1.3. If the vehicle in question cannot go to the approved job due to a problem caused by Airwaytransfer, the service will be provided by a second vehicle without any additional charge to the Passenger. In the event that the second vehicle cannot reach the Passenger's address on time or the Passenger does not arrive at the flight time with the second vehicle, all alternative transportation costs for the Passenger to go to the airport will be borne by Airwaytransfer. In cases where the Passenger has to use another means of transportation (eg commercial taxi, public transportation vehicles, his own vehicle), the service will be provided again free of charge at the time the Passenger wishes, or the amount paid for the service (in return for a document) will be refunded without any deductions. Airwaytransfer will only cover the transfer loss incurred for the airport transfer of the Passenger, in case the customer misses his flight due to the defective service.

1.4. The Passenger has to act in accordance with all kinds of legislation, especially the Highway Traffic Law, and within the framework of the legislation, it is obligatory to act in accordance with all kinds of rules such as wearing a seat belt as required and complying with the safety rules in the vehicle.

1.5. When the passenger receives the transfer service by credit card, debit card, EFT/TRANSFER or any of the online payment methods, the user has accepted the written terms of the relevant contract even if he has not signed the service contract.

1.6. In order to benefit from the transfer service subject to this Agreement, the passenger must have made a reservation at least 24 hours before the transfer time. On religious and national holidays, New Year's Eve and other public holidays, the reservation must be made at least 48 hours before the transfer time. In notice of cancellation of reservations made 24 hours or more after the transfer time, no refunds will be made.

1.7. The reservation and transfer service purchase process becomes certain with the confirmation e-mail sent by our company.

1.8. Our company does not accept responsibility for non-delivery, late delivery or incomplete transmission of e-mails resulting from data access on the internet.

1.9. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 12 hours after making your reservation, please contact us.

1.10. Changes that may occur in transfer and flight times must be communicated to us 12 hours in advance by e-mail or telephone. Airwaytransfer will not be responsible for the delays that may occur and the disruptions in the transfer operation and the losses that may arise from these, in the notifications given more than 12 hours later.

1.11. In accordance with the driving safety and health compliance regulations in our vehicles, pets must be transported in their cage by giving prior information at the time of reservation. Only cats, dogs and small songbirds are transported as pets. The cage dimensions should be 23*40*55 maximum.

1.12. Tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol are not allowed in our vehicles in accordance with laws and health compliance regulations.

1.13. In cases where the passengers who purchase the service are under the influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs during the transfer or there is a possibility of endangering the safety of the driver and the vehicle, the transfer company has the right not to transport these passengers. In such cases, Airwaytransfer does not refund or refund.

1.14. Requests for a child seat or booster to be used in the transfer must be specified at the time of booking. Unless specified, Airwaytransfer does not provide refunds or refunds in cases where the reservation is cancelled, as children in the age range covered by the law cannot be transported without a child seat.

1.15. Vehicle selection should be made according to the number of passengers. In the calculation of the number of passengers, the child or infant must be included in the total number.

1.16. Passengers or baggage exceeding the capacity stated in the reservation cannot be accepted into the vehicle. If the passenger gives up the transfer service for this reason, the fee cannot be refunded.

1.17. In accordance with tourism transportation laws, a maximum of 3 passengers can be transported in passenger cars, excluding the driver. (This application includes Children and Infants regardless of age.)

1.18. Seat and Liability insurances in the vehicles are regulated accordingly, and heavy legal sanctions are imposed on the Carrier in cases where otherwise may occur.

1.19. According to traffic and highway regulations, it is illegal to carry more passengers than the capacity of the transfer vehicle.

1.20. If necessary, the passenger is obliged to certify that he is the customer who purchased the service to the vehicle personnel who will carry out the transfer, with the identity documents issued by the legal authorities and the reservation document. Passengers who do not fulfill this obligation will not be transferred. However, if Airwaytransfer deems that the holder of the credit card with which the reservation is made has given consent for the Passenger to receive this service, it may make the Passenger benefit from this service.

1.21. In operational terms, due to changes in the transfer vehicle, the densities of delayed aircraft landings or other reasons, it may be possible for a vehicle in the same category or higher category to arrive, different from the vehicle you have specified in your reservation.

1.22. If the delay is not reported or for any reason after the landing of the aircraft, the obligation to wait for a vehicle at the airport is eliminated in case of waiting for more than 1 (one) hour. Afterwards, the transfer is performed if possible, depending on the operation and intensity. Airwaytransfer does not guarantee the realization of the transfer in such cases. Passengers agree and undertake that they cannot demand a refund in this case.

1.23. Our vehicles serve up to the address and point you have specified. The passenger does not have the authority to change the route. The passenger's requests to stop at a different location between the determined route and to wait for a while at this location are not accepted.

1.24. We aim to transport you as far as possible to the address or point of destination in areas with land structure other than the vehicle road, closed roads or areas open only to pedestrian paths.

1.25. Our drivers will assist our customers in the transportation of luggage regardless of place, time and conditions.

1.26. Our company will prevent the start or continuation of the service, mechanical failures, traffic accidents, operational disruptions, weather conditions, traffic jams, terrorist incidents, law enforcement practices, etc. As soon as he realizes that he will not be able to carry out your transfer due to reasons, an alternative vehicle will be tried to be provided as soon as possible and / or he will inform otherwise.

1.27. In the cases we have stated above (item 1.27), the refund of the transfer fee, which has been paid for, will be returned to you without interruption and / or in such a case, the price difference arising from the transportation you have provided with your own means will also be paid by us.

1.28. Receptions at the airports are made at the exit gate after customs and baggage procedures, by our receptionist or driver, with a sign on which the name and surname or title specified in your reservation is written.

1.29. Vehicle, Driver, Fuel, Parking and Highway fees are included in the prices stated on our website.

1.30. The passenger accepts, undertakes and declares that there is no flammable, combustible, explosive, narcotic, fluid, odorous, radioactive substance in the baggage subject to the transfer and that is prohibited to be carried or kept by the legislation of the country of residence. If the presence of the items listed in the baggage is noticed by the driver, the baggage in question will not be accepted into the vehicle. In addition, in these cases, the passenger cannot claim any receivables or rights under any name against Airwaytransfer. in luggage; In case the existence of the above-mentioned substances is noticed, the situation will be immediately reported to the authorized official authorities. The presence of the listed substances is not noticed by the driver; if the vehicle is detected by law enforcement officers stopping and searching during the transfer; Any damages and losses incurred by Airwaytransfer and/or any person due to this reason shall be covered by the passenger in cash and once.


2-Passenger information

2.1. It is necessary to fill in your information completely and completely in the reservation form.

2.2. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all contact information is correct and complete during the reservation, otherwise our company cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise.

2.3. It is the customer's responsibility to check that the baggage is complete and complete when loading and receiving the baggage from the vehicle.

2.4. Airwaytransfer is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to passengers or luggage during the transfer due to any reason.

2.5. At the transfer point, the vehicle driver does not have to leave the vehicle and accompany the passenger to the vehicle or his home.

2.6. Children under the age of 18 will not be transferred without adult accompanying or parental consent.

2.7. The vehicle luggage capacities specified on our website should be taken into account. Baggage above the specified capacity will not be accepted into the vehicles. If the passenger gives up the transfer service for this reason, the fee cannot be refunded.

2.8. Wheelchairs, bicycles, electric bicycles, surfboards, skis and golf bags not reported at the time of booking will not be accepted. If the passenger gives up the transfer service for this reason, the fee cannot be refunded.

2.9. Bicycles, surfboards, etc. to be brought with you when booking a passenger car with a capacity of 1-3 people. In case the vehicles do not fit the passenger vehicles, the reserved vehicle selection should be made correctly. In such cases, the responsibility belongs to the passenger. If the passenger gives up the transfer service for this reason, the fee cannot be refunded.

2.10. Airwaytransfer is not responsible for the loss or damage of any belongings left in the vehicle by the passengers during the transfer. In such a case, the Passenger should contact Airwaytransfer and, if the forgotten item is found, should pick it up from the address given to him.

2.11. In transfers, if wheelchair transfer is requested with the passenger to be transferred, this should be stated by the passenger at the time of booking. Otherwise, Airwaytransfer will not be liable for any damages that have arisen and/or may arise due to any delay and/or the Passenger's inability to board the vehicle. Passengers with physical disabilities who are in a position to meet their personal needs can travel alone, without an accompanying person. However, the Passenger who cannot meet his personal needs can be transferred with a companion. Required reservations must be made for this accompanying person and the fee must be paid.


3-The rules to be followed in the transfer;

3.1. Not taking alcohol and drugs while traveling in the vehicle

3.2. Avoiding actions that may distract the driver

3.3. Not speaking loudly in the vehicle

3.4. Not disturbing anyone by considering the rights of other passengers

3.5. Not eating while traveling in the vehicle

3.6. Avoiding actions that will endanger the safety of the journey.


4-Cancellation and Return Conditions

4.1. If you have received the reservation from the website or call center of Airwaytransfer, you can make changes and cancellations through any of the online sales channels or the call center with the PNR (Reservation) Code and identity information.

4.2. Reservation can be canceled by the Passenger at the latest 24 hours before the transfer time. In this case, the Passenger is fully refunded for the service fee received. No refund will be made for cancellations made outside the specified period. If the reservation is for a Round-Trip transfer, the entire return transfer fee outside the specified timeout will be refunded.

4.3. Passengers who have a reservation but request cancellation less than 24 hours before their transfer or after the transfer time are considered as passengers who did not participate in the transfer (no show). In this case, no refund will be made.

4.4. The agency may unilaterally cancel the reservation and/or transfer for reasons such as unexpected circumstances, force majeure, natural disasters, hail floods and traffic accidents. In this case, the full service fee will be refunded.

4.5. There is no cancellation, change or refund for any reason in the campaign product purchased by the passenger.

4.6. Financial loss, commission fee etc. that will be incurred by the bank or banks to Airwaytransfer arising from the refund transactions of payments made by credit card. Such liabilities are deducted from the money to be returned to the Passenger.

4.7. If, for any reason, the reservation is canceled by Airwaytransfer, the Passenger will be notified as soon as possible.

4.8. Airwaytransfer shall not be liable if the Passenger does not comply with the obligations in this Agreement and/or if the reservation is canceled due to any fault and/or negligence of the Passenger and/or in the event that he/she does not receive the service. For this reason, all legal rights of Airwaytransfer, especially the collection of the service fee, are reserved.

4.9. Airwaytransfer has the right to keep the transaction amounts until the date of the Member's approval of the Payment Transaction, in case of Suspicious Transactions and in case of notification by the User or System Partner, especially in the following cases. Payments will not be processed definitively if the suspicious situation is finalized provided that it is documented.

– If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction is not in compliance with the legal provisions,

– If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction was made without the knowledge of the holder of the credit card used in the Payment Transaction,

– If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction was made without the knowledge of the bank account holder used in the Payment Transaction,

– If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction is not a genuine Payment Transaction (except for tests).

4.10. The refund of the transactions accepted by the bank after the cancellation/refund request, after the end of day information of the day of the transaction is received, within 2-3 days depending on the processing time of the bank, and within 3-7 days depending on the country if the credit card is a foreign credit card. reflected. In case the sales and returns are made on the same day, if the banks do not accept automatic returns, the refund will be made by Airwaytransfer the next day (excluding weekends and public holidays). Since refunds cannot be made for bank cards, the passenger's account information is requested and the refund is made via money order or EFT. In this case, the transaction requirements such as reaching our passengers, obtaining the necessary account information for the refund, sending a payment order to the banks in order to realize the refund change the refund period. If your credit card/debit card/account is not closed, your refund will be processed after the bank's end-of-day report is received.

  1. The Passenger cannot transfer or assign this Agreement and/or any rights and receivables arising from and/or arising from this Agreement to any person.
  2. This Agreement will be governed by German Law. Germany Würzburg Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in case of any dispute arising from the interpretation and implementation of the Agreement between the Parties to this Agreement.





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