About us

After a busy and stressful Year, it's time to take time for yourself and your family.

You have made your accommodation and flight reservations for the holiday, but how will you reach the hotel?

Do not make a bad start to your holiday, where you need peace the most, with long waits at airports or shuttle services waiting for the next plane to land, full of negativity and stress. 

For our valued guests, we know how precious time is on vacation. You can't buy the time that has passed, but you can have the time that will come for you and your family.


AirwayTransfer is a transfer company that tries to provide the best service by combining the knowledge and experience gained over the years in the travel industry with an understanding of quality in accordance with European standards. We are at your service so that you, our valued customers, can make a great start to your holiday and business trips.

 Our company is always happy to provide you with the D2 legal transport document, passenger seat insurance and professionally trained authorized captains.


We are aware of the importance we carry.

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